Girl up a flagpole

There was a young girl who loved to wear dresses everyday to school. One day a boy asked her to climb the flag pole for a box of cookies. She climbed the pole and all the boys in the schoolyard could clearly see her underpants. When she got home she bragged to her mother that she got a box of cookies for climbing a flag pole. The mother knew that the kids just wanted to see her underpants so she told the girl not to climb the pole again. Of course the little girl didnt believe her mom and the next day the boy asked her to climb the pole for a box of candy. She did and they all saw her underpants and laughed. When she went home she told her mother the news. Her mother was angry. She told the girl she shouldnt climb the pole. She told her, They just want to see your underpants and if you climb the pole again your grounded! The next day the same boy asked her to climb the pole for more goodies, so up the pole she went. When she came home she told her mother what she got for climbing the pole and her mother went ape. I told you they only wanted to see your underpants! she raged. But mommy, the little girl answered, this time I was smart enough not to wear any!

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