Golf Joke. (off. religious types)

So God and Jesus are out golfing one day and they come to a particulary treacherous hole. Dog leg to the right with a lake in the middle.

Its Jesus turn to tee off and He grabs a sand wedge.

Just wait one minute, my son, God says, you cant make this hole with that club!.

Sure I can, dad, replies Jesus, I saw Arnold Palmer do this on TV the other day. This is exactly the club he used!

Ok, replied God, Go ahead and make an ass of yourself.

Well, Jesus tees off, and sure as heck it goes BLOINK, right in the water. Jesus is all embarrassed, picks up his robe, walks out across the water and reaches down to pick his ball up.

Meanwhile, theres two other golfers waiting to tee off and they saw the whole thing.

One of them walks up to God and asks, Who does he think he is? Jesus Christ or somebody?

No, replied God, He thinks hes Arnold Palmer.

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