Golfers and the Genie

A guy is golfing with his pretty wife, who is a very poor golfer. On the first hole she sends the ball smashing through the window of a nearby house.

The couple goes to the house to investigate the damage and finds the door open. They go inside and found a man sitting on a couch next to the broken window. There is also a broken oil-lamp.

The husband asks: Did we break that too?

Yes, replies the man.

Sorry. Do you live here? the husband asks.

No, actually, Im a genie. The man states. I was sleeping in that lamp when your golf ball smashed it. Now, Im supposed to give you three wishes, but Im keeping one for myself since you smashed my lamp. OK, whatll they be?

The husband thinks a moment: First, make my wife a better golfer.

Poof! Shes a better golfer, the genie announces.

Second, I want a million bucks a week for life.

Poof! you get a million bucks a week, the genie announces.

Good. OK, what do you want? asks the husband.

For my wish. I want to have my way with your pretty wife, grins the genie.

Hmmm, the husband hesitated, I guess thats all right. After all, she broke your lamp, youve made us rich, and our golf games will be much more interesting. Go ahead.

So the genie and the wife retire the bedroom. After several steamy hours the genie says to the wife: How long have you known your husband?

Ten years, she replies.

How long has he believed in this genie stuff?

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