Guinness joke

A middle aged woman and her husband visit a disco, just to remember what
it used to be like. After a few dances they sit down at the side to
recuperate. After a few minutes, a man comes over and asks the woman to
dance. She is rather flattered and with an approving glance from her husband,
accepts the invitation.

Well, after a few minutes bopping, the man leans over to her and says,
You know, I think youre really good looking, could I kiss you, please?

The woman is rather taken aback and replies, Certainly not – Im a married
woman and thats my husband over there.

The music continues, and after another few minutes the man leans over
again and says, I really do think that youre the most attractive woman
Ive seen for ages, could I feel your tits, please?

By now the woman is getting angry, and replies,
Of course not, what sort of person do you think I am?

They continue dancing, and after a little while longer the man leans
over for a third time and says, I think youre so lovely that Id like
to turn you upside down, fill you with Guinness and drink it.

The woman is completely shocked, slaps the man in the face and goes back
to her husband. Do you know what that man wanted to do to me? she asked
him, he wanted to kiss me.

What?? exclaimed her husband.

And thats not all, he wanted to feel my tits as well she continued.

Husband gets up – Where is he? Ill show him, Ill knock his block off.

And theres more, said his wife. He wanted to turn me upside down,
fill me with Guinness and drink it.

Her husband immediately sits down again. What are you sitting down for?
she asked, I thought you were going to go and sort him out?

You must be joking, her husband replied. Im not messing with anyone
that can drink sixteen pints of Guinness!

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