Hair Dye

One day a blonde, tried of being made fun of for her hair color, decided that she should trick some people by dying her hair brown. Now, the newly-brunetted blonde went off in search of someone to prove her intelligence to.The first person she came to was a farmer watching his herd of sheep. What a great opportunity, thinks the blonde. So, she walks up to him and says Hey, if I can tell you how many sheep are in that whole herd without counting, will you give me one of them? Now, it was a very big herd, so the farmer says, Why not? So, whats your guess?368, the blonde-in-disguise replies.The farmer is shocked, thats exactly the right answer! Well, the blonde claimed her prize, and was smugly walking away, when the farmer ran back up to her.Um, Miss? he said, If I can guess your real hair color, will you give me back my dog?

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