Hard Rain

The first worm says, What kind of day is it?

The other worm says, You know, I dont know, but I was thinking of going up and checking it out.

The first worm says, Thats a good idea. Why dont you do that.

So the second worm starts on his way up through the dirt.

At the same time, two lady golfers are walking along the fairway.

The first one says, Jeez, I gotta wiz.

Her friend says, Well, its very early. Theres nobody else here on the course.

Do it right here. Nobody will know.

The first lady says, You think so? Right here?

Her friend says, Yeah. Why not?

She pulls down her skivvies, and lifts up her little golf dress and she squats.

Shes just about to commence when the worm pokes his head up out of the grass right below her. She lets fly, and forget it, he gets drenched. Hes dripping wet as he goes back down through the dirt. He goes up to the first worm, and hes soaking wet.

The first worm looks at him and says, Oh, its raining, huh?

The second worm says, Not only is it raining, but its raining so hard the stupid birds are building their nests upside-down!

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