Have A Heart (may offend IRS employees)

Tax time is on the way, which is why this one is coming your way

This 50 year old man was in the hospital awaiting news about the availability of a heart for his transplant, when he was offered the heart of a 28 year old marathon runner who just died in an accident. He turned that heart down.

The next day, he was offered a heart from a 35 year old construction worker, who fell to his death. He did not accept that heart either.

Several days later he agreed to take the heart of a 50 year old IRS (Internal Revenue Service) auditor and the surgery was performed. (NOTE; for those not in the U.S., the IRS is the Tax Collecting agency).

After the man awoke, they asked him why he turned down two perfectly good hearts to select the one he did. His reply was, I wanted one that had never been used.

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