Have you ever fingered someone?

I work at the Help Desk at TCU, and as you can imagine the phones are quite busy to say the least.

One day I received this call from one of the students here asking if I had ever fingered someone.

This call totally caught me off guard, and I thought for sure it was a call from one of the fraternities on campus. I asked the student to repeat the question as I was sure I had misunderstood the question. He again asked if I had ever fingered someone.

I then laughed out loud, thinking this was a prank, another Lets get the Help Desk type of prank.

I said to the caller, arent you getting a little personal?

He then said, No, no, this is a command that is used on the VAX system.

Boy did I get egg on my face that time. I did learn a lesson however, never assume the question being asked is how it sounds, as some things do have double meanings.

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