Have you ever heard of the term Coyote ugly?

Have you ever heard of the term Coyote ugly?

It was coined when a friend of mine met a man in a bar a few years back. My friend and the man struck up a conversation, and somehow the conversation turned to a discussion of the mans missing left arm. My friend asked the man how he lost his arm. This is the mans story…

I was celebrating my divorce a while back by hitting all of the bars in town. I was quite drunk and picked up a young lady in the last bar I made it to. She invited me to her apartment and I spent the night with her.

The next morning, I was wakened by my left arm which had fallen asleep. I was quite hung over, and when I looked to see why my left arm was alseep, I found that the lady I had picked up the night before was sleeping on my arm! BUT, she was so incredibly UGLY, that rather than wake her up, I chewed my own arm off!!

Hence the term Coyote ugly has come to mean a man or a woman of extreme bad looks!

Have fun!

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