Having medical problems

Joe was having medical problems and went to see the Doctor. As usual, the Nurse got out his chart and went over medications and history. Then she asked him what his problems were that brought him in to see the doctor today. Joe said, It is kind of personal and I would rather tell the doctor. The nurse said, By telling me, it will speed things up as I will already have this written in your chart, so please proceed to tell me your problems. Joe said, Well, OK, I am having trouble with my penis – – – – – -. At this, the nurses face turned red and she ran out of the room. Later, when the doctor came in, he told Joe that he had upset the nurse and Joe explained that he was only telling her what she asked for. I know, said the doctor, but next time just tell her that you have a problem with your ear and when I come in, we will correct anthing in the chart. OK, said Joe.

Well, three days later, Joe returned on a recall as his condition still had not cleared up. Again, the nurse got out his chart and started over medications and history. Again, she asked Joe what his problem was today. Joe replied, I have a problem with my left ear. The nurse asked, And exactly what problems are you having with your left ear. Joe replied, I cant pee out of it!!

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