Heaven Help Us

Three men die and go to heaven. When they get to the pearly gates, St. Peter asks them each one question: How many times have you cheated on your wife?

The first one answers Never! St. Peter checks the books, discovers the man is correct and gives him a Rolls-Royce to drive during his stay in heaven.

The second man answers Oh, about 25-30 times. He is given a Ford Pinto and sent on his way.

The third man answers Maybe 400-500 times and is assigned a bicycle. A few months later, the three meet up and the Pinto driver, and the bicycle rider notice the Rolls-Royce man has a long drawn-out sad look on his face. Puzzled, the other two query him as to why the sad face?.

Mr. Rolls just looked at them and said, I just saw my wife, she was on a skateboard!

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