Hebrew Country songs

1. I Was One of the Chosen People (Til She Chose Somebody Else)

2. Stand by Your Mensch

3. Ive Got My Foot On The Glass, Where Are You?

4. New Bottle of Whiskey, Same Old Testament

5. Honkey Tonk Nights on the Golan Heights

6. Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Latkes

7. I Balanced Your Books, but Youre Breaking My Heart

8. The Second Time She Said Shalom, I Knew She Meant Goodbye

9. Youre the Lox My Bagels Been Missin

10.Youve Been Talkin Hebrew in Your Sleep Since that Rabbi Came to Town

11.Mamas Dont Let Your Ungrateful Sons Grow Up to Be Cowboys (When They Could Very Easily Have Just Taken Over the Family Hardware Business that My Own Grandfather Broke His Back to Start and My Father Sweat Over for Years Which Apparently Doesnt Mean Anything Now That Youre Turning Your Back on Such a Gift)

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