Heidi – a Hollywood madam

Im surprised that nobody has posted any jokes regarding this scandal yet.

For anybody overseas, or living in a cave, this woman Heidi ran a brothel that catered to Hollywoods biggest stars, movie executives, and (allegedly) professional sports players.

She got caught, and the whole affair has Hollywood buzzing. There are rumors that the judge is going to subpoena her black book, which contains all of her customers. The press has nicknamed her the Madam of the stars.

Because of her sudden fame, she is selling interviews, pictures, etc. (She is a prostitute after all …) I heard these prices on the radio this morning.

The movie rights to her life story, including the scandal, will be sold for $1 million dollars. (This is a very high price for movie rights, but many of the top movie executives will willingly pay more for the story, to make sure that they are NOT portrayed in the movie!)

A picture of the COVER of her black book, listing her clients, sells for $15,000.

Shes selling television interviews for $150,000. (Considering that an evening with Heidi, before she was caught, was only $1500, women should now know why men dont like to just talk!)

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