Heres Little Johnny!

A teacher in New York City wanted to see how many animals the city kids in her fourth-grade class could identify.

She drew a picture of a cow on the blackboard and said, Who can tell me what this is?

A little girl raised her hand.

Yes, Janie, what do you think it is?

Its a cow, teacher.

Very good, Janie, said the teacher.

Then she drew a picture of a pig, and a little boy answered correctly. She drew several other barnyard animals and was unable to stump the class.

Finally, she decided to try something a little more difficult. She drew a stag with a large spread of antlers. The kids just stared, but nobody offered an answer.

Ill give you a hint, said the teacher. What does your mommy call your daddy when shes trying to be lovey-dovey?

Instantly, little Johnny raised his hand and said, –

ooh, ooh!, I know, Teacher. Its a big horny bastard!

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