Hi! Do you know me? Im the King of Sweden.

[Told by sven@cs.widener.edu (Sven Heinicke) after I mentioned I
finally found out that George Bush not only carries ID with him, but
he also has an American Express Card.]

The King of Sweden, about one year ago, went into a computer store
wanting to buy his son a computer for Christmas. He was going to pay for
it with a credit card, (I dont know what kind of credit card it was)
and the salesman asked him for some ID. His face being on almost
every 1 Kr. (1 crown) coin in Sweden (his father is on some of the old
ones), he took a coin out of his pocket and put it on the table saying
that that was his ID. It seems that that was not good enough and he
finally took out his real ID (I guess he was being smart). But then
when he was walking out of the store with the computer the
anti-shoplifter alarm went off.

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