Hikers meet headhunters.

So these three people are hiking in a forest, and all of a sudden these headhunters catch them and bring the hikers to the head headhunter.

The head headhunter says If you want to live you must complete some tasks. First you must go into the forest, pick some fruits, and bring them back

So the hikers did that and came back.

The head head hunter said Now you must take the fruits you picked and stick them up your ass.

So the first hiker has apples… Ok, apples it shouldnt be too hard.

1 up okay… 2 up the hiker starts screeming, so the headhunters chop off his head.

The second hiker has grapes. Ok, grapes this should be easy!

1 up okay… 2 up fine… 3… 4 the hiker starts laughing like crazy! The headhunters chop off his head.

So the two hikers who got their heads chopped off are up in Heaven and the hiker who had the apples askes the hiker who had the grapes What happened… you had grapes, I mean you got killed cmon what happened?

The guy who had grapes says, Well the other hiker…….. he…….. he……… he had watermellons!

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