Holy Golfing Guide

There were three golfers.

One golfer hit the ball and it went in the water. He walked over to the edge and stuck his golf club into the water. The water parted and the golfer hit his ball onto the green.

The second golfer hit his ball. It also splashed into the water. The golfer walked onto the water, found his the ball, placed it next to the water hazard and hit it onto the green.

As you may have guessed, the first golfer was Moses, and the second golfer was Jesus.

The third teed off. The ball soared through the air and it too was headed for the water.

However, just before the ball went in the water, a fish jumped up and grabbed the ball in its mouth.

As the fish was about to go back into the water, a eagle grabbed the fish and started to fly away.

Then, as the eagle flew over the green a big flash of lightning hit the eagle.

Well, the eagle dropped the fish and as the fish fell on the green, the ball rolled out of his mouth and into the hole.

Then Jesus shouted, Dad! If you do that again,Im going to stop inviting you to play golf with us!

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