Hot Meal

Two hobos are walking down railroad tracks, havent eaten in a couple days, and are starving. Ahead of them, lying on the tracks, is a dead buzzard….maggots crawling all over the badly decomposed bird…green flies swarming the stinking mass. Stopping to stare at the smelly thing, one hobo says, Lets eat this bastard. The other hobo says, Naw, Im gonna wait and have a HOT meal. The first hobo replies, Well, Im too damned hungry to wait, Im eatin this fuckin buzzard. The second hobo says, Suit yourself, but I aint waitin on you, and starts down the tracks again. Ravenously, the first hobo begins stuffing the rotton bird into his mouth. After licking the last maggot from his lips, he looks down the tracks and sees his buddy….by now about a mile away… and takes off running to catch up. After running 10 minutes in the hot August sun, the hobo catches up to his buddy…..sweating…panting….stomach churning from the rotten buzzard hed just eaten. Suddenly he begins to puke….every bit of the rotten buzzard is now laying in a putrid mass on the tracks. The second hobo smiles at the first hobo and says, See?? I told you I was gonna wait for a HOT meal.

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