How good are you on accents?

Theres these two English blokes on a ski-ing trip, and one says to the other, whilst theyre at the top of the hill, What are we supposed to do, then?

To which the other replies, Well, you see those flags … were suppose to zag-zig in between them.

Dont you mean zig-zag? says the other,

No, zag-zig …

Anyway so they argue for quite a while. About as long as it takes for people to get bored with moaning about Squiffy, when one says Well ask Klaus the Kraut. Hell know.

So off they go to Klaus and one says, Tell me Klaus, me owd obergruppermeister, them flags … do we zig-zag or zag-zig?

Vell, says Klaus, I tsink zat you zig-zag, but I dont care, Im a tobogganist.

To which our lad says, Oh great. Ill have 20 Malboro, then.

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