If Dr. Seuss Did Tech Support

Did you spill on it a glass of Coke?

Did the power supply start to smoke?
Did it go up with a bang?

Did it on the boot-up hang?
Did it read a file wrong?

Did it play its start up song?
Did it open your data disk?

Did your OS come with RISC?
Did the keyboard work at all?

Did you plug it in the wall?
Did the mouse move left or right?

Did your cursor drop out of sight?
Did the printer make your copies?

Did you backup onto floppies?
Did your hard disk icon flip?

Did you check out all the DIPS?
Did you download files off the Net?

Did you check for a virus yet?
Did you re-install your apps?

Did the text appear in all caps?
Did the modem even start to dial?

Did you change any fonts style?
Did you all errors weve reported?

Did you know thats not supported?
Did you load any brand new drivers?

Did you say you used some PLIERS?
Did you install memory chips in pair?

Did you use the free CD we included?

Did you know that problem is warranty excluded?
Did you give all the connections a good tightening?
Did you know you shouldnt run it during lightening?
Did you you install system fresh?

Did you the reset button press?
Did the system theme make you frown?

Did you bring the whole network down?
Did everything just work okay?

Did you turn on your monitors display?
Did you make changes, oh that many?

Did you know there is no key any?
Did your problem appear right out of the blue?

Did you know you havent got a clue!

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