Impersonating as a lawyer (adult)

So, this guy walks into a bar and tries without success to hit on several women. The bartender, who has been observing his lack of success, tells him Your problem is that you dont have the right profession to impress these ladies. What you need to do is tell them that you have an upscale job, like a doctor or c.p.a. or lawyer. Thats the kind of guy these women are looking for.

The guy takes his advice: … and what do you do for a living?

Oh, well, Im a lawyer.


And with the typical quickness of action that you find in jokes, the guy soon ends up in bed with his newfound lady friend. As their activity intensifies, our hero suddenly bursts out in laughter.

What, what, I dont understand. Whats so funny. she asked.

I was just thinking. Here Ive only been a lawyer for 3 hours, and already Im screwing someone.

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