In College Too Long When…

* You consider McDonalds real food

* You actually like doing laundry at home

* 4:00 AM is still early on the weekends

* It starts getting late on the weeknights

* Two miles is not too far to walk for a party

* You wear dirty socks three times in a row and think nothing of it

* Youd rather clean than study

* Half the time you dont wake up in your own bed and it seems normal

* Computer Solitaire is more than a game its a way of life

* You schedule your classes around sleep habits and soaps

* You go to sleep when its light and get up when its dark

* You live for getting mail (E-mail included)

* Looking out the window is a form of entertainment

* Prank phone calls become funny again

* It feels weird to take a shower without shoes on

* World War III could take place and youd be clueless

* You start thinking and sounding like your roommate

* Blacklights and highlighters are the coolest things on earth

* Rearranging your room is your favorite pastime

* You find out milk crates had so many uses

* Wal-mart is the coolest store

* The weekend lasts from Thursday to Sunday, (or Wednesday morning to Tuesday

* You are sitting around making lists about how you know youve been in college too long

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