In the Emergency Room

A guy shows up at the emergency room with a golf club wrapped around his head.

The doctor asks the guy how this came to be…

I was playing at that new course out in the country. Because of the only bad tee shot Ive made in my life, my ball ended up in the cow pasture. While I was out there looking for it, some fat broad hit her ball into the same place.

So were both out there searching, and shes swearing like she just invented it and beating the hell out of the forage with her club. I find a ball. She claims its hers, and we end up continuing to search for the other one while she bitches and I listen. Finally, I know Ive looked everywhere except where some real cows are standing.

So I pick up the cows feet one by one, but theres no ball under a cow. Now theres only one other chance. I lift up the biggest cows tail, and sure as hell, theres a golf ball! When I turned to the fat broad, the ball fell out. I pointed under the tail and said Does that look like yours?

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