Insulting to your least favorite college

At U. of Michigan, we used to tell this one about Michigan State, however, any despised college will do.

Bubba, the most popular football player at Michigan State had completed his eligibility, and was set to graduate. The problem was, he had never attended a course, or learned anything. The Dean and football coach wanted to graduate him, however, to stave off student revolt.

Still, they had to have him demonstrate some sort of competence. So, at the graduation ceremony, when Bubbas name was called, he went up to the front.

Bubba, if you can pass this test, you graduate, said the Dean. What is two plus two?

Bubba, thought for awhile, counted on his fingers, and with a puzzled, yet hopeful voice, said, Duh, four?

A cry went up in unison from the student body, seated in their caps and gowns: Aw, give him another chance!

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