Interesting software ideas

[Ed: Edited from an article on The humour interface project ]

The group shared their favorites. Windows that crack or melt into a
slag heap. The MacIntosh IBM DOS emulator that, when fired up,
begins to put up a zippy MacIntosh screen, stops halfway down the
screen to declare, Oops? Sorry. You wanted 1950s technology. It
then goes into command line mode. The supposed unused ROM hook in
the Mac that would have caused a monkey to dance across the screen
ONCE upon the 7698th (or whatever) boot of the machine. Insects
crawling around the screen.

As you read this, project programmers in ski-masks are already coding

ELUSIVE MENU: When the mouse cursor enters such menus, the menus
dodge away while insulting the user with appropriate language and
gestures. Somebody informed us this is just like the Mac Bomb

CRASHING WINDOWS: You begin to move a window. Suddenly it
accelerates out of your control up toward the corner of the screen.
When it reaches the corner, it smashes to pieces, falling to the
bottom of the screen. Appropriate sounds effects are heard. Email
is sent to the site manager blaming you for the broken window.

AEROBIC WINDOWS: You begin to move a window and suddenly it
accelerates out of your control bouncing around the screen faster
and faster. It finally slows down an sits on your screen off in the
direction you were moving it, but huffing and puffing, sort of
expanding in and out. You begin working again, its breathing slows
and stops after a few moments.

PEOPLE INSIDE THE MONITOR: You get an error. A large face leans in
from the left, gives you a Lettermanesque look, like hes got a
horrible flavor on his tongue, and then leans back out of the

them no more than a half inch in each direction. Need the
Interface-esE liberation Army say more?


publicist for The Humor Interface Project,
Alias Humor In Your Face, Humid Interface And Interface-Ese
liberation Army (EYEEE-EEE-AHHH…)

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