Irish guide to medical terms and their meanings

ArteryThe study of painting
BacteriaBack door to a cafeteria
BariumWhat undertakers do after the doctors treatment fails
BowelA letter like A,E,I,O or U
Caesarian SectionA district in Rome
Cat scanSearching for kitty
CauteriseMade eye contact with her
Colica sheep dog
ComaPunctuation Mark
D & CWhere Washington is
DilateTo live long
EnemaNot a friend
GenitalNot Jewish
GI SeriesSoldier Ball Game
HangnailCoat Hook
ImpotentDistinguished, well known
Labour PainGetting hurt at work
Medical StaffA doctors cane
MorbidHigh offer
NitrateCheaper than day rate
NodeWell aware of
OutpatientPerson who has fainted
Pap SmearFatherhood test
PelvisCousin of Elvis
Post operativeLetter carrier
ProstateFlat on your back
Recovery roomPlace to do upholstery
RectumDamn nearly killed him
SecretionHiding something
SeizureRoman emporer
TabletA small table
Terminal IllnessGetting sick at the airport
TibiaCountry in North Africa
TumourMore than one more
UrineOpposite to Your Out
VaricoseNear by

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