It seems a new widow

It seems a new widow was upset with the director of the local funeral parlor. I brought his dark blue suit in here. Thats what he always wore. Youve dressed him in this shabby beige one. Im really displeased! the grieving woman lamented.Rubbing his hands in anguish, the funeral parlor director, fearful of the womans telling others about his mistake and giving his competitor down the street some satisfaction, assured the lady the error would be soon corrected. Please have a seat right here, the director urged the woman. It wont take long, I assure you!The woman sat down, took out a hankie and dabbed at her eyes, fighting back the tears that would not seem to stop since she lost her dearly beloved husband. No sooner than she had tucked the moistened cloth back in her purse, the doors to the preparation room swung open, the modest casket being rolled back into the viewing room. She hurried over. Oh, yes, thats dear Ralph! Thats more like it! she purred. Oh! thank you so much, she glowed in her grief. The directors hands had slowed into a twisting motion in front of his somber tie. We try hard to please, madam!The widow sat down next to the casket to spend a few moments next to her dear departed. In her distraction over Ralphs recent demise and the need for the transformation from beige to blue, the widow had not thought to inquire how the funeral director had effected such an immediate alteration of his attire. But the director was now occupied with assisting another newly bereaved woman. It so happened that a young assistant undertaker was at that very moment emerging from the preparation room.Young man! the widow beckoned. My husband looks so nice. You all certainly know your business. How did you ever manage to change his suit so quickly?Said the young undertaker to the widow, No problem, maam. It happens all the time, wrong clothes, you know. We have different suits already set up. It just takes

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