Its raining grooby!

One day, little Frankie was outside when it started to rain. But the rain was different from the usual rain – this rain was a shiny green substance. Frankie laughed as it fell on him. He opened his mouth and caught it on his tongue. I will call it grooby!! he said. Frankie captured a jarful and brought it to his elementary school to show everyone. His friends were jealous and asked what it is. Frankie proudly said Its grooby! Later in class, Frankies teacher saw it and asked him what it is. Frankie said Its grooby! I named it! She laughed and went back to the chalkboard. Frankie took his jar of grooby to his science teacher. Look at my jar of grooby, Mr. Harris! Mr. Harris said, Frankie, you shouldnt call it grooby – you should call it nuclear waste. The nearby reactor had a leak causing nuclear acid rain. Frankie gasped. Mr. Harris asked, Frankie, you didnt happen to drink any did you? Frankie reluctantly nodded. Harris ended with, Frankie, Im afraid youre going to get cancer and die.

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