Jay Leno Jokes!

Jay Leno Jokes from the Tonight Show…

Pharmaceutical companies that make birth control pills are telling teenage girls that taking the pill can help clear up their skin. Do you think thats true? I think there is a better chance of clearing up the boyfriends skin …

Fashion experts say that President Bush is helping bring back cowboy boots and cowboy hats. See, so it is not just for male strippers anymore …

LeAnn Rimes apologized to fans for the quality of her new album. Isnt that unbelievable? If LeAnn Rimes has to apologize for her album, what the heck is Kathie Lee going to do, commit suicide?

In an interview with Vanity Fair magazine, Hugh Hefner admitted having 7 girlfriends, one for each night of the week … Someone should tell him those are called nurses. He said they all have sex together in the same bed. He said Viagra makes it possible … I think money makes it possible!

Surgeons in Britain amputated the hand of the worlds first hand transplant patient because the guy requested it, after his body rejected it. How depressing is that? Its bad enough getting rejected by women, but guys, when your own hand turns you down?

According to a new government report, the military is running out of bullets. We are running out of ammunition! Oh good … lets tell our enemies … thats what I love about our country, you cant tell your sexual preference in the Navy, but you can tell our enemies were running out of ammunition. We dont have any bullets, and I cant tell you if Im gay.

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