Jelly in the Morning

There was a married couple in their living room, watching television. Suddenly the guy got the urge to have a hot 69 with his wife, Hey, baby, he said, How bout I take you to the room and we go down on each other?


she replies, Im having my period.

I dont care lets do it anyway.

the guy replied.

Ewww… okay.

She said, But what if someone comes to the door.

Ill just tell them I was eating a jelly sandwich and that Im a messy guy.

So they go in the room and theyre going at it hardcore, when the doorbell rings. The guy looks up, and he decides to leave it. The door bell rings again, and a third time. The man finally gets up and opens the door and its a Fed Ex mail carrier.

I have a package for you.

The mail carrier said looking at the guy in a weird way.

Okay, Ill sign for it.

Whats the matter with your face?

The mail carrier asked.

I was eating a jelly sandwich.

The guy replied.

Yeah? Well, you got some peanut butter on your nose.

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