Jet Fuel

A couple of drinkin buddies who are airplane mechanics are in the hanger at JFK airport in New York; its fogged over and they have nothing to do.
One of them says to the other, Man, have you got anything to drink? The other one says, Nah, but I hear you can drink jet fuel and that will give you a buzz. So they decide to try the jet fuel, they get trashed and have a good old time like only drinkin buddies can do.

The following morning one of them wakes up and is afraid to sit up for fear his head will explode from the awful hangover hes going to have. He gets up and feels good, in fact he feels GREAT! NO HANGOVER!

The phone rings and its his buddy. The buddy says, Hey how are you feeling this morning? Im actually feeling really good! The buddy says, Me too! I feel great! Man that jet fuel is great stuff! No hangover…we ought to do this more often!

Yeah, we could but theres just one thing…. Whats that? Did you fart yet? No…Why? Well, DONT, cause Im in PHOENIX!

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