Jewish diet

The Yo-Yo Diet Guide to the Jewish Holidays

Rosh Hashanah — Feast

Tzom Gedalia — Fast

Yom Kippur — More fasting

Sukkot — Feast

Hashanah Rabbah — More feasting

Simchat Torah — Keep feasting

Month of Heshvan — No feasts or fasts for a whole month. Get a grip on ourselves.

Hanukkah — Eat potato pancakes

Tenth of Tevet — Do not eat potato pancakes

Tu BShevat — Feast

Fast of Esther — Fast

Purim — Eat pastry

Passover — Do not eat pastry

Shavuot — Dairy feast (cheesecake, blintzes etc.)

17th of Tammuz — Fast (definitely no cheesecake or blintzes)

Tish BAv — Very strict fast (dont even think about cheesecake or blintzes.)

Month of Elul — End of cycle. Enroll in Center for Eating Disorders before the High Holidays arrive again.

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