Jewish genie (adult, gross)

A Jamaican guy gets stranded on a deserted island when he finds a lamp washed up on the beach. Remembering the tale of Aladdin he rubbed it, and POOF! A Genie appeared, a Jewish Genie.

Oy Vey!, exclaimed the Genie, Am I glad to be to there. Tree hundred years I been in that thing, my life and soul! What can I do for you my boy?

The Jamaican asked the Genie if he granted wishes.

Wishes, schmishes! Course I do. Ill grant you two wishes, used to be three but I gotta think about my margins.

Well, said the Jamaican after some consideration, Id like to be white and surrounded by women.

No problem, said the Genie, and with a wave of his hand the Jamaican was transformed into a tampon.

MORAL : Never do business with a Jewish Genie. Theres always a string attached.

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