Joke culled from a recent trip to Poland

The Eastern European art of the political joke is in abeyance
in Poland right now, because what previously had to be veiled
can be, and is, said out loud. However, in the GDR and in Romania
freedom of speech hasnt broken ground yet.

A young member of the German communist party went to his senior comrade
with a strange request: he wanted permission from the Party to emigrate
to West Germany. (It is only with the permission of the Party that
people are allowed to leave East Germany. Often it is granted as
a method of eliminating people with inappropriate attitudes.)

For what reasons could you possibly want to leave the Socialist
paradise, young comrade?

Well, sir, I have a main reason, and
a kind of side reason. The side reason is this: I know our Party
has established a paradise here in the Democratic Republic, but the
reason I want to leave is that I am very afraid that is will not last.

Dont worry, son! It will last for ever.

Well, good, sir: but
that brings me to my main reason….

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