Judas stone

Buried in the Dead Sea Scrolls are some accounts of the Apostles during the Ministry of Jesus. There is, for instance, the story of Judas Iscariot, the disciple who later betrayed Jesus, which betrayal led to His Crucifixion.

It is written there that one day, before undertaking a journey across the desert of Samaria, Jesus summoned His Apostles and asked each of them to bring a stone. Informed before hand of their destination, Judas picked up a small stone so as not to tax him with weight for the journey. As the day wore on and the sun beat upon their heads, Judas smiled, for among all of them, he carried the smallest stone and therefore the least burden.

As darkness fell, Jesus told His disciples to pitch tent and to rest for the evening. He gathered them together and asked them to bring forth their stones. Wherefore, He blessed the stones and turned them into bread to overcome their hunger. Judas, of course, had the smallest bread!

On the occassion, while strolling on the shores of Lake Galilee, Jesus again asked His disciples to each pick up a stone. Smarting from the desert fiasco, Judas decided to carry with him the biggest stone.

Upon reaching the edge of an inlet where deep waters abound, Jesus gathered His Apostles and said to them: Cast your stones upon the water. The ones who throw them the farthest are nearest Me.

Judas, of course, had the heaviest stone which negotiated the shortest distance!

Once again, Jesus told His disciples to gather two stones and to proceed to the hillside at Ephrem. This time, Judas did not take any risks. He brought with him two stones: one small and one large. He was ready for any eventuality. Arriving at the appointed place, the Master asked them to produce the stones. Except for Judas, all carried of approximately equal weight.

Thereupon, Jesus blessed them and made them part of their organs of generation, infusing in them fertility, strength and stamina.

Judas, of course, because of the two stones of grossly unequal weight, walked from that day forward with a steep inclination to one side. And thus began the unbalancing of the man!

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