Just in time for Xmas!

New, from Mattel…!


New MIGHTY-MORPHIN-JESUS action figures!
With realistic healing and smiting action!


[child #1]
Aaannggg… Oh no! G.I. Joe is hit… Cobra leader is
getting away!

[whirring sound… Mighty-Morphin-Jesus eyes light and head spins]

[child #1 in Jesus voice]
You are healed my son… now go forth and kick some ass.

[child #2 in G.I. Joe voice]
Thanks J-man., Lets go Joes!


Now youre in control… fight the forces of evil with new
Mighty-Morphin-Jesus the action figure.

[Action shot of Jesus figure and He-Man battling Skeletor]

Hes back from the dead and hes pissed.


[child #2 in Skeletor voice]
So Jesus, we meet again… will you never learn that evil
is stronger than good?

[child #1 in Jesus voice]
That may be, my unholy friend, but I know something even stronger!

[Jesus figure transforms into dinosaur]

[child #2 in Skeletor voice]
No!… Jesusaurus!

[Dinosaur tramples Skeletor and than transforms back into Jesus figure]


Mighty-Morphin-Jesus transforms into Dino-Jesus and back with just a twist!

Secret panel in Jesus back holds water, manna, and grappling hook.
(sold separately)

Batteries not necessary.

Also available, new Mighty-Morphin-Moses and friends.
Collect them all!

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