Kinderkarten story about the word frugal

The kinderkarten teacher started school every morning by teaching the kids one new English word. She would then ask them to make sentences to show they understand the use of the word.

On this particular morning she chose the word frugal and explained that it has to do with saving, like if you are frugal, you save.

The kids really had trouble trying to make sentences with this one, untileventually little Sally gets up and says she has a story …

One day, many many years ago there was a beautiful princess who lived in a wonderful castle in a wonderful land. One afternoon the little princess went for a walk in the woods outside the castle, picking flowers as she went.

Suddenly, after a while she realised that she had lost her way and had no idea how to get back to the castle.

Fortunately just then she noticed a clearing in the woods ahead, and in the middle of the clearing sat a handsome prince on his white horse!

So she ran to the prince and said, Oh prince, frugal me, frugal me, and he frugalled her and they lived happily ever after

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