Korean & Jewish Mothers

It is parents evening and a young teacher is called away in an emergency just before she is due to see the last set of her pupils parents for the evening.

So she asks one of the other teachers to fill in for her. The other teacher agrees but asks for some background information before she meets the parents.

Who is the pupil? the substitute teacher asks.

Oh a lovely sweet little boy but he isnt that bright, can be a bit of a handful and seems more interested in play than work.

Right. says the substitute teacher as she is writing notes and then also asks, and the mother what about her?

Oh, she is a Korean lady, but unfortunately she thinks that her little boy is both an angel and a genius, so please be diplomatic when you talk with her, as she really got upset last time when I said I thought her son was probably not equipped for a future career in Medicine and that he might possibly have to consider an alternative career such as a chef.

Thanks for the warning, says the substitute teacher and asks, how about the father? He might be a little more realistic about his son, whats he like?

I am sorry but there it gets even worse. the teacher answers.

What do you mean ? asks the substitute.

Well the Korean lady is a lessbian, you see and her girlfriend is Jewish! the teacher replies.

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