Leading the Blind

Speaking of elephants…

Once upon a time, there were five blind men who had the opportunity to
experience an elephant for the first time. The first approached the
elephant and, upon encountering one of its sturdy legs, stated, Ah, an
elephant is like a tree. The second, after exploring the trunk, said,
No, an elephant is like a strong hose. The third, grasping the tail,
said, Fool! An elephant is like a rope! The fourth, playing with an ear,
stated, No, more like a fan. And the fifth, leaning against the animals
side, said, An elephant is like a wall. The five then began to argue
loudly about who had the more accurate perception of the elephant.

The elephant, tiring of all this abuse, suddenly reared up and stomped
on all of the men. He continued to trample them until they were nothing
but bloody lumps of flesh. Walking away, the elephant said, It just goes
to show that you cant depend on first impressions. When I first saw them
I didnt think theyd be any fun at all.

–Unexpurgated form of old Indian


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