Leave a Specimen

This 82-year-old man married a 22-year-old woman and they decided that they wanted to have kids. So after trying for a while with no success, he went to see the urologist, pretty discouraged. The urologist said not to get discouraged and that they could run some tests.

Take this specimen jar into the bathroom and leave me a specimen to test, the doctor said.

The old man closed the door, and about an hour and a half later, still had not come out. The doctor came by and asked, Are you alright?

No the old man said. This just isnt going to work. he dejectedly explained. Theres no hope for me, Ive worn out my left hand, Ive worn out my right hand, Ive run cold water over it, and Ive run hot water over it. Ive even thumped it on the edge of the sink.

But no way can I get the top off this specimen jar!

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