Livestock Show

Ralph takes his wife, Mildred, to the livestock show. As they walk past the pens
holding the bulls, Mildred notices a sign by the first bull stating: This bull
mated 50 times last year.

Mildred turns to her husband and says, You could learn from him.

They proceed to the next bull and his sign states: This bull mated 100 times
last year.

Mildred turns to Ralph and says, This one mated twice a week! You can learn
from this bull, also.

They proceeded to the last bull and his sign said: This bull mated 365 times
last year.

The Mildreds mouth drops open and exclaims, Wow! He mated every single day of
the year! You could really learn a lot from this bull.

Ralph turns to Mildred and smiles, I doubt if he mated 365 times with the same
old cow.

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