LONDON – A baffled

LONDON – A baffled British woman who lost a mobile phone dialed
the number and heard it ringing inside her friends dog.

Rachel Murray, 27, had left the cellphone under her Christmas tree as a
surprise gift for her flatmate, The Sun newspaper reported on Friday.

But chum Tony Dangerfields bloodhound Charlie crept into the room and
greedily wolfed down the mobile phone, leaving only a pile of torn paper.

After a frantic search for the phone, Murray obtained the number from the
telephone company, dialed and heard muffled ringing from sleeping Charlies

At first I thought Charlie was lying on the phone — then I realized where
it was, she said. I couldnt believe hed swallowed it.

The dog was rushed to a vet, who advised Murray and Dangerfield to let
nature take its course.

Twenty four hours later the phone duly emerged — in perfect working order.

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