Lucky Frog

A golfer was standing in the fairway, about 140 yards out, when a frog whispered from the rough, Use an 8-iron.

The golfer, deep in concentration, pulled out his 8-iron and hit the shot. It rolled right into the cup for an eagle.

Now take me to Vegas, said the frog.

What? said the startled golfer, suddenly realizing it was a talking frog.

You heard me, repeated the frog, take me to Vegas. Im obviously a lucky fog and well make a bundle!

So the golfer picked up the frog and they flew to Vegas.

In the casino, the frog whispered, Go to the dice table and bet everything on the pass line.

The shooter rolled a seven, and the man with the frog won $100,000. Then the guy took the frog upstairs to his room and the frog said, Kiss me.

When he did, the frog turned into the most beautiful girl youve ever seen – deep blue eyes, blond hair, a beautiful smile, and 16 years old.

And I swear, Your Honor, thats how she got in my room!

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