Magic Lamp

Moshe walks into a bar and sits down. He gets out a tiny little box and to the man sitting next to hims surprise the box starts playing music. After further inspection the man realises that inside the box is a ten inch pianist playing on a tiny grand piano.

Thats incredible!, the man says, Where did you get that?

Well, says Moshe, I found this magic lamp. At that Moshe pulls aout a magic lamp from his jacket.

The man says Could I make a wish please?

Moshe agrees to the mans wishes but does warn him about the lamp:

The thing is, the lamp doesnt work very well…

However the man is already rubbing the lamp. After the man stops making his wish, the bar fills with hundreds of thousands of hound dogs, barking and biting.

I didnt wish for this, the man says in utter surprise, I wished for a million POUNDS

So Moshe replies Well did you thing I wished for a 10-inch PIANIST?

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