magic mirror

there was a blonde, a brunete,and a red head. they all walked into a bar for a drink.the bar tender said,i have a magical mirror any thing you think you are.you tell the mirror and if its true you will become it even more of what you wished for.but if not the mirror will suck you up. so the brunet goes in and said i think im the prettyest girl in the world.with that the mirror said you are. so she became prettyer than everyone in the world.then the red head went in and said i think im the richest girl in the world. the mirror said you look very rich you now are the richest girl in the world.the blonde went in and said i thinkand with that the mirror gobbeld her up.the two girls left said why did the mirror swollow her up?the man said because she said that she thought and thats a lie.

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