Make up your own holiday day

Today is Make up your own holiday day. So here goes:

Spring cat cleaning day. For best results use the Delicate cycle.

Grease your automatic garage door opener without getting grease in your hair day.

Salt and pepper integration day, a day to mix your salt and pepper in one shaker to encourage moderation in the use of both.

Antiacid appreciation day, sometimes called Burpless Thursday.

Shave off half your moustache day.

Spring sock hunting day, a day to turn the house upside-down to find all those missing odd socks.

Macaroni and cheese day. Try to give away free bites door-to-door.

Start a new hobby day. Go to every hardware store in town and see how many different free paint samples you can collect.

Kiss somebody the way they used to do it in the movies without slobbering day.

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