Mark the Spot

Year after year Bubbas wife pleaded with him
to take her fishing but he kept telling her
she would not enjoy it. She, finally, wore him
down, he consented, and early one morning they
took off to the lake.

They had not been there very long when the fish
began biting. Almost as fast as they cast, a
fish would bite, and they reeled it in. After
catching their limit, Bubba said,

Martha, sweet thang, Im sorry. Youve been good
luck and Im gonna bring you with me the next time.
If youll mark the spot where we caught all these
fish, well go home.

On the way home, Bubba turned to Verna Lou and said,
Sweet thang, how did you mark the spot were all
the fish are so next time Ill know?

Bubba, darlin, I put a big X on the side of
the boat right down closest to the water.

Sweet thang, thats about the dumbest thing I ever
seed you do. Dont you know that wont work? We
may not get the same boat the next time!

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