Maybe Beer Isnt Better Than Women After All

Sometime ago there was a list of reasons why beer is better than women;
the women responded with their reasons why cucumbers are better than
men. Heres an attempt at making peace..

9 Reasons Why Beer May Not Be As Great As Women.

  1. A beer bottle doesnt look any better with its labels off.
  2. Peeling off beer labels isnt as much fun.
  3. You can suck a beer at only one spot.
  4. Enjoying a beer involves a positive calorie intake.
  5. The bottom of a beer can isnt very interesting.
  6. You cant eat a beer.
  7. You cant buy a beer at 9AM on Sunday.
  8. Theres a law about driving after having too many beers
  9. You have to be over 21 to enjoy a beer.

Ali Shaik uunet!philabs!ams

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