Medicine Today – short jokes

Always guard your rear while youre in the hospital – Youre in enema country.
A cute lil Nurse is walking along a hospital corridor with one of her breasts exposed. The Charge Nurse spots her and berates her for her conduct.
The Nurse shakes her head sadly and sez, Those damn interns never put anything back when theyre through with it.

Have any of ya noticed how fast they move patients in hospitals these days. I was on the fourth floor in recovery; then, as soon as I finished paying for that floor, they moved me to the third.

A Doctors fiancee broke off their relationship. The next day, he billed her for 85 house calls.

About the only way to get any doctor to make a house call these days is to buy a home located on the golf course.

Talk about a crisis of faith. My doctor gave me a prescription for a problem I was having.
Then said, Oh, and be sure and call me in no more than three days and let me know how that works. Im having the same trouble myself.

A teenager goes to a doctor for a checkup.
When she removes her blouse, he checks her breathing and says, Big breaths.
She replies, Yeth, and Im only thickteen.

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