Mens responsibilities, from a womans POV

I received this from a friend of mine…she being a little perturbed about men at the moment. Being a sensitive guy myself, I can laugh at the following. So, please note … I am a MAN, posting this. I found it quite funny.

And, incidentally, I stopped and asked for directions last night … wow … what a way to impress a girl!

Familiarize yourself with the layout of your house. If you dont know where the kitchen is stop and ask for directions.
While we are on the subject, when you are lost OUTSIDE the home, stop and ask for directions then, too.
Try not to confuse the woman of your life with your mother, your ex-girlfriend, or Charles Barkley.
Provide high level of services. This includes, but not limited to, dealing with all dead things from steak and garbage to vermin.
Living vermin are your department too.
Buy gifts that suggest that you have at least some rudimentary knowledge of the recipients identity.
If you value your life, never, ever make the following remark to a woman – not even your best friend: Im not in that much of a hurry. I guess Im lucky I dont have a biological clock to worry about.
Now that you have mastered the art of putting the toilet seat down, its time to start cleaning those little facial hairs out of the sink.
Get some friends. You need somebody to pour your troubles out to besides your wife or girlfriend. Conversations centered around ball sports dont count. And in case you were wondering a close friend is someone you talk to more than twice a year.
Learn how to tell time. Women dont enjoy hanging out on street corners.
Just so you know, its humanly possible to cuddle WITHOUT penetration.

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